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released March 19, 1969

Home recordings. Dan plays everything.



all rights reserved


Dan Jones Kansas City, Missouri

After 20 + years in the Northwest, I moved back to Kansas City and formed SquidsKC with old friends Steve Tulipana, Alex Alexander, and Matt Ronan. SquidsKC play songs from all my solo and band projects, and we are at work on new material.

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Track Name: Stone Lions (demo)
Stone lions need a place to stand
In the morning on a concrete pad
In the shade beside an old brick stoop
Did you forget that summer’s gonna do its loopty loop

Do you chores
Stone lions understand
Go to work
Meet supply and make demand

Stone lions need a place to stand
purple hornets do their lazy dance
Thrumming huminbirds and moving shadows
Has anybody gone to get the mail

Hindu music from passing cars
White suburban morning stars
Street is quiet and infinity
Floats on petals of a cherry tree
In front of me
Stone lions dream
Track Name: Little Rooms of Their Own
He finally got a little room, a little room of his own
scratchin’ at his head and lost in the zone
He finally got a little room, a little room of his own
coffee cup, amplifier, slide trombone

She finally got a little room, a little room of her own
She finally got a little room, a little room of her own
for paying bills and reading books and talking on the phone
She finally got a little room a little room of her own

termites hiding in the wood
nothing lasts forever nothing should
dust mites bringing on a sneeze
a mop and a bucket for keeping it clean

The finally found a little place, a little place of their own
everything is temporary but they call it home
a cold refrigerator, a vase and a yellow rose
more than many others have, a privilege out on loan

paint the woodwork linen white
paint the ceiling how you like
throw a rug across the floor
put some pictures on the wall
a sawhorse desk, a lamp in fall
prime it caulk it make it tight
grown up kids trusting the light
Track Name: Snow Bird
snow bird
backlit by a brick tower
broken window eyes and mouth
neither flying north nor south

police and fire and EMT
it could easily be you or me
but it does not move the snowbird

secreted away in the city
a gal on a staircase smoking
counting up her old lays

where you gonna go when you are old
and your thoughts don’t link and you do not have control

over nothing
nothing comes of nothing
at least be a questionable ruffian
or a saint with a bedpan shuffling

where you gonna go when you really go
into the breath of a million other souls
I suppose it would be fine to be a light
left on in the basement gloom
so the kids aren’t scared at night

and why do we think on this
when the snow is glowing bright

on a gray bird
drunk on a mash of berries
fermenting in an alley
and maybe that’s how your mind goes

flitter flutter flitter
and the wind is blowing litter

where you gonna go when you really go
maybe where the muscle joins the bone
or inside an ancient beast
that swims down deep alone

or the drip drip on the pavement
of a melting ice cream cone
Track Name: Just Woke Up (Mountain Dulcimer Bleed)
Just woke up...
Track Name: The Concave Man
Let's hear it for the concave man
caving in as part of his plan
he gets no credit for accommodating
the pressures of pragmatic relating

concave man
concave man
some think they are the flame
then they flash in the pan

let's hear it for the concave man
driving rain gathers now and again
convex, converse, inside and reverse
the footing poured and funding disbursed

who's cheering for the concave man?
caving in as part of his plan
hair growing thin, and just a few sins
the note to self, the thickening skin
Track Name: My Favorite Lounge (Time Without Sound)
My favorite lounge doesn't make a goddamn sound
silent movies showing, ice and drizzle blowing

I'll have the clams and the french fries ma'am
that's all I have by way of a plan
meandering and dawdling are up next
in this ambitious quest

My favorite lounge chased away the nearest town
every hour is happy hour for introversion in the round

hail fellow quite well met
now move along and write your sonnet
I'm reading last week's funnies front to back
then I'll step up and slack

And it's true I got a problem with you
we could take it outside but this ice floe isn't all that wide
precious illusion of space and the absence of the human race
how bout another round of an hour without sound
and we can knock it down

my favorite lounge is painted tundra gray and pretty well fades in
to a landscape far from anything resembling progress
ice fishing from the stage where only light beams play
trombone on anchorite night
shark fry on Catholic night
no bluegrass any night
this berg's getting smaller every day
Track Name: Concrete Steps
concrete steps

I'd like to write a song about our neighborhood
without concern for whether it is bad or good
to share the love I feel for Judy, Jack, and Jim,
and their pets and different ways we choose to live

concrete steps
up the slope
to our porch
footsteps in the snow

There was a party at our house on Christmas Eve
we drank and ate and played a bunch of records too
I focused on the art of hosting carefully
then got drunk and danced around and stood there grinning

concrete steps
up the slope
to our porch
in the spring

I got this weird epoxy stuff you squirt into
the cracks and thin interstices in broken masonry
A jackhammer and dumpster would be most ideal
build the forms and pour it all clean and new

concrete steps
up and down
beautiful sun
lemon lime moments

I like to read and write and draw and play guitar
I'd have no trouble retiring
you like to make a house a home
you are the north star (oh yeah)

For many years I couldn't even finish a song
like mercury popping on a red hot stove
now I hunker down it's just like dusting or bills
concrete steps spiraling upward
Track Name: I Bought Two Suits
I bought two suits
one black and one blue
for weddings and funerals
and going downtown
I turned forty-eight
I don't understand
how cufflinks works
or what shoes to wear

I threw out my Swedish plaids
and that made me goddamn glad
a 3-pack of undershirts--can't hurt

Tevas won't do unless eating stew
at a stoner sandbar rafting lunch
but what kind of chukka goes with these pants
when out for tapas with liberal friends?

a panel of flannel
a tattoo you drew
a v-neck sweater or two
let your heart of your chest and get dressed

I used to root around in dad's closet
looking for his ugliest shirt
I watched my mother put on paint and powder
preparing for the symphony or church

Now they are old and I am half there
and they still enjoy their day to day duds
suspenders with sweats and velcro kicks
and Mom's floral patterns, like stained glass
I'm standing alone I am seventeen
in front of a giant p.a. tower
I'm wearing a t-shirt, my shoe is untied
I'll never get laid or find my way

ain't it weird when things work out
it's not so weird when things work out
Track Name: Love Is The Director
Love Is The Director

sometime you give up and float down to the bottom
where the leaves pile up with empty cans and bottles
just another rock and roll escapee box turtle
growing stronger in the dark and waiting for a little spark

sometimes you let go and float out to the jetty
watch the surfers stand and drop, face down in the foamies
rumors of an impressive shark precede the evening then the dark
on the beach there is a fire, shooting sparks and never tires

it's an action film
and love's the director

sometimes you bow down, sagging like a poppy pod
shone too long in the dark and no one even saw it
singing for your mother and your father and your shitzu
a song about the ancient Turk and exactly what is human worth

We came and we saw
got turned into slaw
and now our net mirth
is God's living earth

it's an action film
and love's the director