I Bought Two Suits

from by Dan Jones

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dan: vocals, guitars, bass, percussion


I bought two suits
one black and one blue
for weddings and funerals
and going downtown
I turned forty-eight
I don't understand
how cufflinks works
or what shoes to wear

I threw out my Swedish plaids
and that made me goddamn glad
a 3-pack of undershirts--can't hurt

Tevas won't do unless eating stew
at a stoner sandbar rafting lunch
but what kind of chukka goes with these pants
when out for tapas with liberal friends?

a panel of flannel
a tattoo you drew
a v-neck sweater or two
let your heart of your chest and get dressed

I used to root around in dad's closet
looking for his ugliest shirt
I watched my mother put on paint and powder
preparing for the symphony or church

Now they are old and I am half there
and they still enjoy their day to day duds
suspenders with sweats and velcro kicks
and Mom's floral patterns, like stained glass
I'm standing alone I am seventeen
in front of a giant p.a. tower
I'm wearing a t-shirt, my shoe is untied
I'll never get laid or find my way

ain't it weird when things work out
it's not so weird when things work out


from Home Recordings, released March 19, 1969
dan: vocals, guitars, bass, percussion



all rights reserved


Dan Jones Kansas City, Missouri

After 20 + years in the Northwest, I moved back to Kansas City and formed SquidsKC with old friends Steve Tulipana, Alex Alexander, and Matt Ronan. SquidsKC play songs from all my solo and band projects, and we are at work on new material.

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